Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Atlanta Cyclorama and flying home

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
I drove into Atlanta after a tearful goodbye to the animals and met Whitney for lunch at Emory University, where she's studying. We ended up nomming tasty French sandwiches in the Highland area of Atlanta, which is a lovely suburb filled with cute-coloured houses and oak trees (it subsequently costs $3,000,000 to live there). Afterwards, we ventured into the far more ghetto (apparently) inner city and bought me an Atlanta Braves baseball shirt (they lost later that day) before meeting up with Rob and heading over to the Cyclorama.

This is one of Atlanta's most famous sites - the Cyclorama is an enormous circular oil painting with a diorama beneath. The scenery-matching diorama blends into the action above making the painting look incredibly realistic, especially in low light. At the museum you learn all about the scenes in the painting (the civil war Battle of Atlanta) as well as a little about life in the army, and you can admire the actor Clark Gable, who, on seeing the Cyclorama after making Gone With The Wind stated the entire thing would be better with him in it. He's consequently depicted as a dead Confederate. I'm not kidding.

Then we had to say goodbye... I was driving to the airport to catch my flight, and Whitney had a test to study for. I'm not sure if it's possible to really show my gratitude for Whitney's hospitality and friendship. She has been incredible and could not have made me feel more welcome if she'd tried. I'll be going back to Atlanta next summer for her wedding to Rob, and can't wait to see her again and help her celebrate!

My own trip to the airport was slightly panicked (in a Rachel way, so I just yelled at the radio) due to rush hour, then baseball traffic and finally not being able to find a petrol station. After some interesting lane changes I got there, though, and proceeded to check in my enormous bag and make a bee line for the bar. Obviously.

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