Friday, 23 September 2011

Nashville to Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, AL, USA
This morning I dropped my folks off at the airport to fly home and then drove on to Birmingham, Alabama. It's a long, pretty drive, but really I didn't do much except boggle at the sheer number of Baptist churches and Cracker Barrels on the way. Jesus clearly like biscuits. I don't blame him.

I ended up at my motel pretty late, but I was able to wash some knickers (having been forced to go commando due to a laundry room deficit in the fancy hotels my family like to stay in) and use their lobby computer (complete with a "NO PORN, THNK YOU" sign - damn). As such, here is something which has been circulating in my head since visiting Graceland. Thanks to Graham Linehan I can't actually think of the word Elvis in anything except an Irish accent now:

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