My route

The route I'm taking probably looks a bit convoluted/crazy, but it just turned out that way. It’s also liable to change at any time, and may have to be extended/cut short depending on how many eligible cowboys/angry coyotes/pickup grills I make friends with. ANYWAY:

July: I start off in Atlanta to celebrate the fourth of July, before flying up to Seattle to explore the Pacific Northwest, including being a Twilight nerd in La Push, Forks and Port Angeles, an X-Files nerd in Vancouver, a grunge nerd in Seattle and a Riot Grrl nerd in Olympia. Following that, I fly back east to Washington DC for a couple of days, head down to Manassas for a Civil War reenactment, and then further south to Norfolk and the surrounding area. 

August: I’ve got five days in New Orleans, a week in Texas and a day in the happiest place on earth just south of the border (Ahem. Tijuana.) before stalking Kristen Stewart in LA then going to get eaten by a bear in Yosemite national park. After that I’m popping over to Rachel, Nevada and the Grand Canyon, ideally by way of a ghost town, before flying back east. 

September: Using Atlanta as a base, I’m driving up to Asheville, then across to Chattanooga and Chickamauga before spending a week in Memphis and Nashville. The few days after that, and before I head home, will be spent enjoying the Appalachian wilderness/moonshine/banjo players. Yeehah!